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    Forum Rules. If you break these rules, you will risk being removed from the forums.

    1. No fighting or bullying, just be nice to each other. This is the internet, people argue... A lot, just try and cut that out here. Take the arguing to where it belongs, YouTube comments;)

    2. The trading forum is open to those who wish to use it, but we is not responsible for bad trades for any reason.

    3. No spamming the forums. It's up to our discretion to decide if it's spamming or not.

    4. you may only bump your own threads once every 24 hours.

    5. Don’t be annoying! Typing in all caps, or LiKe ThIs IS ANNOYING.

    6. Be mature. No trolling or you will be banned.

    7. If you attempt to exploit the credit system, you'll lose your rights to ever gain credit again. We will also have the right to remove any forum credits you have if you attempt it.

    8. If you do not change your prefixes accordingly (read this) then you might lose the rights to post in the respective forums.

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