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    First and foremost, I will NEVER demand time, resources, duties from my guild members. this is a game, you're suppose to have fun, not turn it into a job! Even though I would like to spend my time crafting and selling my wares, we will of course stab monsters and PvP as people want to!

    Just don't be rude ;)

    It's true I say this is a crafting focused guild. This is because I have high hopes of making good use of the private town that we own. I am dedicating my City plot as a guild house, and my Village lot will have a crafting pavilion on it with 8 expert crafting stations.

    We welcome all walks of life in this guild. If you want to just hang out sometimes with us and drink an ale in the inn, by all means. That's still a perfect position in the guild ;)

    I will do my best to provide a town that the guild members love. I also want your feedback on setting up the town and its layout. I might be the guildmaster, but after all, I'm still part of the team.

    Here is what the guild currently has to offer its members:

    The guild already has:
    Player owned town
    City plot size guild house
    Village plot size with craftingpavilion
    These forums to use, and have giveaways ;)

    Free teamspeak

    *more coming soon*
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